Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PBS Special on Pakistan's Education System

I finally got a chance to see this.

Overall, I thought this piece was very interesting, informative and well... depressing.

I have plans to move to Pakistan in a few years. They're not finalized just yet, but they are plans none-the-less. Do notice how I didn't say "move back to Pakistan..." I wasn't born there but for some reason I still feel attached to the country. Perhaps it's because I used to visit often during the summer. Or maybe it's because most of my closest friends are South Asian and they remind me of how great the culture of friendship is there. Whatever it is, I don't think I could ever forget the place.

If I end up there and things don't get better, I might just decide to stay in education. Call me crazy, but just thinking about doing something good over there (regardless of how little of an impact I might have) gets me excited. I feel motivated. I want experience so I can help in any way possible. I have a lot to learn, but that's okay.

Check out this Five Rupees post for some interesting commentary.


Alpha Za said...

For starters let me point out how odd it is I went to school with your wife. I had no idea... contact me some time and I'll give you the dirt on her... ;)

You feel an attachment because you are part of that diaspora. It often more authentic than the 'natives' themselves.

Pakistan could obviously use some good teachers.

There is no country so full hope for a better tomorrow that is bitterly disappointed.

nh said...

^^ dude!! please you have no dirt on me. i was quite shareef!

Yo Mista said...

@ Alpha:

Yes, it's a very weird feeling everytime I go back... do you know of any other sources that might provide an insight as to the state of education in Pakistan? This is an area I want to study up on.

And regarding my significant other, tell me everything you know...

Alpha Za said...

I know the head of the education section at Dawn Newspapers, contact me directly and I'll make an introduction. At the very least she'll have the network.

As for your significant other, there are things you rather not know. Just kidding, she was a peach and bright as a whip lash.