Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well, That's Depressing

Like many other bloggers, I use Google analytics to gauge this blog's readership. That is, when I actually have the time. Google analytics allows me to see how hits received, where readers are in the world, and how they ended up on the blog to begin with (referrals).

One of the features I recently set up provides me a summary e-mail of all the key words people have typed into search engines to arrive at this blog. Generally, people who use a search engine to come here usually type one of the following phrases:
  1. Yo mista!
  2. Yo
  3. Yo mista blog
Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Google summarizing last week's search results. Everything seemed normal except for the very last result:
"I need quality education for my kids in karachi"
There it is, honest and bold. A father's desperate attempt to learn how to give his children access to education? Maybe, maybe not. Whoever this person was, they obviously didn't find what they were looking for on this blog. But that's not what depressed me. I thought about my job for a second, focusing on the negative (of course): I waste minutes everyday on classroom management, dealing with eighteen and nineteen year olds who behave like they are six. And yet, there are stories of children in Karachi stealing books to ensure their grades are good enough to get into a "good" school. That's what depresses me. I need to sleep.


Ahsan said...

Something kinda/sorta similar:

Back when I was interning at The Review in 2002, the magazine used to have this syndicated doctor's column. You know the type, where people write in and say "blah blah I injured my back, what should I do?" type stuff. Anyway, the column was some American dude and Dawn got the rights for it and we published it every week.

The really sad thing was that every week, we would get letters from people with ailments, sicknesses and diseases -- and they didn't know what to do or who to see about it. And they were writing letters to Dawn! They were obviously confused about where the doctor was actually sitting and writing his stuff, but it made me sad as hell and I still remember it. Here they are putting their faith in some dude, hoping against hope that their letter would be answered, and they didn't know it didn't even have a chance of getting to him.

Yo Mista said...

Holy shit dude, that's terrible.

I'm interested in knowing if the doctor knew about this... and if he did, what he had to say about the situation.

Alpha Za said...

That's crazy man.

There are plently of 18-19 yr olds in Pakistan that act like they are 6. Cheer up.

You're doing what you can. That's what matters. Keep the faith.

Ahsan said...

Nah I seriously doubt it. Remember, he was in the US with a column syndicated for godknows how many publications worldwide. He probably didn't even know where all the column ended up.