Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quote of the Week: 10/11-10/15

This week, my Algebra class had two major assignments: 
  1. A project where they had to grade someone else's exam and thoroughly explain their rationale for each question
  2. A Mock-Regents examination (covering all material from September to last week)
My school allows students to intern for teachers as part of a "Learn to Work" program. This allows me to delegate simple grading tasks and use the additional time to plan. After my intern finishes grading, I simply go through the work, make corrections (if necessary) and drop the numbers into my ridiculous excel grade tracker. If my intern finishes early, I force him/her to study for the SAT or work on college apps. 
Yeah, I know, I'm pretty amazing. Thanks for the thought.
So, today my intern and I grading the Algebra exams after school. The results were a mixed bag: some students did incredibly well, others did so-so and a few scored ridiculously low.

When my intern finished grading a "ridiculously low" exam, she says:
"For some reason, this person makes me feel like I graded her test wrong..."

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