Friday, January 27, 2012

The Terrible Twos

I can officially start throwing temper tantrums now that I am in my terrible twos. Two years ago, I wrote my first post on this blog with the intent to post at least once a week. Surprisingly, I have managed to  stay true (for the most part) to that intent.

Last year on this day, I wished my blog a happy first birthday and celebrated readership on six continents. Since then, this blog has gained quite a bit of new readers, but unfortunately, I still haven't penetrated the Antarctic blog market.
Heh, I said penetrated. 
Damn you Antarctica and your super selective readership...

On a more serious note, thank you (yes, you) for reading Yo Mista! You motivate me to continue documenting my experiences and mesh them with my own life and childhood memories. You let me get away with writing "penetrated" and giggling about it like a sixth grader, all while simultaneously being responsible for the development of teenagers. You somehow know when to take me seriously and when to not (I know this because I still haven't gotten fired yet). You humble me every time you tell me you are a fan and an active follower. I guess what I'm trying to say is, penis.


Anonymous said...


Over the past few weeks I've read almost your entire blog. It's thought provoking, sad and funny in equal measures, and is worlds away from the usual mediocre blogolalia that clogs the intertubes. I hope that you keep it up, if only so you become a short lived internet sensation and I can mooch off of your fame.

-Someone you know

Yo Mista said...

@ Anonymous:

Thank you so much for your comment, thoughts and readership. I really appreciate it!

If you can help me get this so-called fame, I would be happy to share it with you.

Unfortunately, it seems in order to get popular on the internet these days, I need to make a "shit marginalized students say" video.

Anonymous said...

i would kill to see a shit your students say video! i think the "dick in your face" incident you talked about way back when definitely needs to be included.