Friday, December 2, 2011

Quote of the Week: 11/28-12/2

Today is the last day of the first trimester. It also happens to be a Friday. Only now, in my third year of teaching at a transfer high school, I finally know what to fully expect on days like this.
Note: If you don't know what to expect on days like this, you haven't read this. Or this.
Grades were due to the administration today at 9 AM. Since my Algebra classes culminated last Wednesday with a final exam, I decided to wrap-up the remainder of the week with Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Yes, I do realize this movie portrays Holmes engaging in numerous fist fights. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle readers: I do sincerely apologize for the heart attack this may have caused you. 

Before you judge me for showing the Hollywood version of Sherlock Holmes to my students, consider this: in the movie, Sherlock not only uses his superb reasoning skills, but he also comes off to be somewhat "cool." Downey's version of Holmes is mainstream enough to be accepted by my students. If I'd have shown Holmes the way he's normally portrayed in British media, my students would've overpowered the movie with conversation. Intelligence and "coolness" is often separated in American high schools. This movie does a half-decent job bridging these qualities together.

As I was about to play the second half of the movie today, Keith opened the door to my classroom and strolled in. My jaw dropped to the ground.

"I'm here, don't mark me absent Mista!" Keith said.

I'm shocked. It's now been two days in a row Keith has come to school. This is quite impressive if you know Keith. His attendance is pretty atrocious. He managed to pass my class only because of his mathematics skills. That, and luck: he conveniently showed up to school on a test or project date.

"Keith, of all the days to come to school in the trimester, you've decided to come the last two days. The most pointless days, quite honestly."
"No joke Mista, I've decided to come to school everyday." Keith admitted.

"Dude, you've only been here for two days straight. Before that, you were absent for seven days straight."

"Yeah I know, I just made this decision two days ago."

Better late than never, I suppose.

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