Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Starts Off Well (Sort Of)

It was back to school from winter vacation today and I have to say, our attendance was fucking pathetic: I had a whopping five students show up for my first period class. And I can't just give a quiz to teach these supremely-motivated-students-who-happen-to-not-be-in-class a lesson. Apparently, you actually have to care in order to feel guilty about missing a quiz. Damn it!

Then there were students who actually came to school, but bailed early. I actually greeted and said "what's up?" to several of these students in the hallway, many of whom I should have taught a few periods later. They probably just said "fuck it." This is something I really don't understand: what the hell is the point of waking up early, taking the subway, and going through metal detectors to get into school if you're just going to leave early and screw yourself later? This is literally what I hear in the hallway sometimes, loud and clear:
"Yoooo.. Let's cut math and finna smoke dat sour... word?"
Shit man, you might as well offer me some, given we have no boundaries here. Actually, that has already happened. Never mind. Damn it!

Teaching-wise, today wasn't bad actually. Selfishly speaking, I like days with poor attendance. This gives me better control of the class. I have more one-on-one time with students, which really lets me provide them with the attention they need. Plus, with little time wasted on distractions, I can really get into the material. The results speak for themselves: today's assessment average was over ninety percent. Attendance was somewhere under sixty percent. It was an ideal, yet shitty situation. Whatever, I felt accomplished.

However, what really made my day special was a text message I received from a former Personal Wealth Management student. She had graduated from the school last year and we haven't been in touch since. Here's what she wrote:
"Yo Mista, I know its aftr skool hrs but I was wondering... I have $$ to invest in some shares of a rising company... I don't really wanna go 2 some broker guy, wht shd be my 1st step... also im not sure if its etrade that charges $7 per trade... i want to look into prison stocks... i need u on this man... i remember some of the material but not enough 2 do it on my own... hope all is well  -_-"
Wow, actually taking some financial initiative. Good for her.


Anonymous said...

SMH i need to be in that class mista. i betta be in it next trimester...

butterfly said...

I like that you have sour on urban dictionary linked rofl

Yo Mista said...

Some people just don't know the weed lingo.