Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hollywood&Vain Attendance Challenge

As per my previous post, (and other related posts here and here) attendance has been quite shitty as of late. It makes sense, vacation is over, why would students still come to school? Duh Mista, you stupid.

Mike, one of my best friends and former college roommate, happens to own a clothing company out in California by the name of Hollywood&Vain. He also recently started Queen of LaLaLand specifically for women. Anyway, Mike (being a good friend) read my previous post and reached out to me with the idea that I offer my students free graphic t-shirts from his company to students who maintain perfect attendance for x amount of days. I decide the details. He provides the graphic t-shirts.

That's perfect timing. The New York State Regents are right around the corner at the end of January. Attendance is crucial right now. Most of these students are setting themselves up for failure missing important Regents preparation and review days. I'm pitching Mike's challenge to my students tomorrow in Algebra class. It's not going to win over the kiddos with complete-shit-attendance, but hopefully it'll force the students who normally come more often than not to think twice before making any stupid decisions.
Oh and maybe they'll get excited by the notion that Nicki Minaj and Usher were photographed wearing Hollywood&Vain as they went about their daily business...
Thanks Mike. You're the man!

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