Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Encounter With A Former Boss

I had no intention of posting this week because of a grad school project that has been killing me (or as my kiddos would say, "it's blowin' mine!"). However due to heavy snowfall, a snow day was declared earlier this afternoon. So, before I pass out from exhaustion I'd like to take some time to document an interesting event that occurred recently: 

Around 3:30 pm two days ago, I needed coffee. I had a long day ahead of me because of the stupid grad school project, which goes on top of the normal routine of lesson planning and grading. Since I was out of milk in my fridge, I decided to head down to the Starbucks (sick, I know) around the corner. FYI - lack of sleep outweighs drinking the most burnt coffee in the world. They really need to do something about the fact that it tastes like shit.

As I'm crossing the street, a black Lincoln Town Car stops on the opposite corner. It's interesting because these soon-to-be-extinct limos never fail to remind me about my previous life. I'm forced to remember all the wonderful mornings I took one home, most likely coming off a late, late night slaving away on Wall Street. I remember the sun beginning to peak over the East River as we would floor down F.D.R. towards the Lower East Side. Funny how the memory of a gorgeous sunset could bring up such a terrible feeling...

I didn't see one of my former Managing Directors coming out of the black Town Car now parked directly in front of me. Let's refer to him as JL. JL saw me crossing the street.
"Teacher man! Long time no see. How have you been?"
Wow, JL was the guy who hired me in the interview (see second paragraph from the post entitled, "So how's the teaching thing going dude?" I told him I was doing well, that I was really enjoying my time teaching and that it was still very challenging. I pointed towards my school, which actually looks like a prison if you ask me. JL responds:
"Wow! Well listen, I saw you in the paper and on TV about a year back. Sounds like you're happy and having fun. I've gotta jet, but if you ever change your mind, here's my card. I'm at a new bank now, but still makin' deals. Take care and keep in touch."
If I ever change my mind...hmm... I really wanted to whip out my card (yes, I have a card which I give to all my students - cuz I'm cool like that) and say, "Uh, no thanks. But listen, when you're sick of getting more sensation from your blackberry than your wife, give me a buzz. I can hook you up as a teacher. You know, do some good for once."

Fun times.


Alpha Za said...

You Are the Man.

But you have to give it your MD, even in a recession he wants you on his team.

Laila said...

okay all I am going to say is that I'm offended by you calling Starbucks sick. That is like my second home (and yes I admit most days I just get a cup of green tea and sit there and read a book but still!) You could have gotten a cappucino (which does not taste burned), or the Misto which is their normal coffee with steamed milk and actually tastes pretty good! Okay so I know this was not the point of the post but still...I had to put in my two cents about this :P

oh and as for meeting your former boss, I have a feeling that for people like him working at Wall Street and making deals and what not is probably really exciting. So he probably doesn't get it that someone would leave that for something else (something do gooder and paying much less like *gasp* teaching!). So I guess in his case offering you his card was probably a case of good intentions, wrong delivery.

Yo Mista said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ Alpha Za:
It's a tough situation. As a 1st-year analyst, you work your ass off to impress your MDs. Once you have, you've unknowingly dug yourself in a hole because now as a 2nd-year analyst, they have unrealistic expectations from you. I imagine it's tough for them too - with such a high turnover, it must be hard to find reliable subordinates, which means once they do find them, they'll do whatever it takes to keep you (but will also shit all their work on you too).

@ Laila:
1) Starbucks coffee sucks. I did not say Starbucks itself sucks (although an argument can be made there too for it's anti-competitive nature, lack of fair trade products, etc). In my opinion, it's terrible if your "flagship" product tastes like shit, and then you run out all the local coffee shops to force people to drink your shit.

2) Very insightful second paragraph. Like I've said before, I have nothing against people who actually enjoy doing the work they do for corporate America.

I do have some experience in this field, which led me to conclude that most of my colleagues who stuck around for the long run, stuck around because they really thought there was nothing else out there. So with that, I have to question whether JL truly enjoys it or whether it's just convenient because he hasn't tried anything else.

NB said...

So... Do i get some sort of prize for most retarded comment?

nh said...

@NB: yes, but you have to come to nyc to get it.

Yo Mista said...

NB, you clearly haven't read all the comments on this blog... you aren't even close to winning the prize.

Laila said...

@yo mista

also I forgot to mention this in my previous comment. But yes it does suck that Starbucks sometimes puts neighbourhood coffee shops out of business, but honestly all those shops need to do in order to compete is to stay open past like fricking 6 o clock! I mean come on!! How are people going to be loyal to you if you close that early. I've often experienced this problem with coffee shops though thankfully not in my neighbourhood. And yes I'm sure there are lots of coffee shops in NYC that stay open late but that city is an exception not the rule. Anyway now I'm done.