Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sweet Movember

This November, I will be raising money for prostate cancer research by participating in the global movement known as "Movember."

Movember began in Australia, where a group of men grew out moustaches (mo's) for charity. Today, Movember marks a month long commitment for men to grow out a moustache (no beards allowed). Supported by women and other men, the point is to seek out sponsorship and raise as much money as possible to support prostate and testicular cancer research. It's like walking for charity, without the walking.

I've already registered online and started my own team: it's pretty damn cool. Several friends and colleagues have joined. It's going to be super interesting teaching in my school, where most of the male staff will look like 1970s porn stars by mid-November.

Who wants a moustache ride?
Supporting a good movement always gets me excited, but what really blew my mind was that my campaign has garnered my male students' interests. In fact, some of my team members are current and former students from my school. That fucking rocks! Here they are, at an age where they can be so self-conscious about themselves, yet we have a group of male students who said, "Fuck it, I won't shave for a month." I'm thinking part of it has to do with the fact that many of these guys really do admire the staff at my school, and if they can participate in something we're all participating in, then why the hell not? Awesome. Simply awesome.

Unfortunately, in order to remain somewhat anonymous on the blog, I can't share my team's campaign page with you. However, if you are friends with me on Facebook or Google+, you can find a link there. If you'd really like to show your support, you can make a general donation on the official Movember website.

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Power to the mo's!