Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chicago is Calling Me Home

Is it Friday yet?

No seriously, is it Friday yet? Next week is spring break for New York City public schools so I'll be on vacation for a solid week and a half. There's something super cool about being in my mid-20s and still having spring break, wouldn't you concur? I bet you'd concur.

For spring break, I'm going back to Chicago to see old friends, my brother and just chill the fuck out and reminisce. I haven't been back in nearly two years, so I'm pretty excited. There's something incredibly appealing about going back home and seeing familiar signs, roads, houses, and people. Driving along the same streets you grew up on. Speeding past familiar shops and restaurants, some still carrying on with business as usual. Once I start drifting down memory lane, I find it extremely difficult to return back to consciousness. It's like jumping in a pool and letting yourself slowly sink to the bottom. Fun.

What will make this trip even more interesting is visiting my old high school. I haven't been back to visit since college, so it's definitely been a while. The nostalgia to relive my teenage years will soon be satisfied when I walk my old hallways. I plan on meeting as many of my old teachers as possible (whoever is left, anyway). I also want to see the school from the perspective I now have as a high school teacher. I imagine my views of the school as a stupident (er, student) were most likely poisoned by teenage angst, emotion suppression and a general indifference for everything. My high school is quite old and established (compared to my school now, in its second year); I want to learn how they run things there and what systems they have in place, anything that I can offer back to the school I work at now.

I suppose since I'll be going on vacation, I probably won't post until I return. Chicago is calling me home.

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