Monday, May 3, 2010

Kevin Returns

My school utilizes an online "referral spreadsheet" that is used to maintain a log of all teacher-submitted referrals which have to do with students misbehaving, acting inappropriately, etc.  This helps provide our Dean with some written evidence in the event a behavior results in a suspension.

Last week, a colleague of mine had a very interesting experience with our beloved student, Kevin. In case you're wondering who Kevin is, read this. Here's the referral my colleague submitted online:
Kevin was engaged in a verbal altercation with another student.  I was ignored when I asked Kevin to stop using profanitites in my classroom, to which he responded:  "He can suck my dick."  "Why you coming at my head?"

I asked Kevin to come to my desk (to conference) in an effort to short circuit the exchange.  "He can suck my whole dick" was the response. 

I asked Kevin to step out the room into the hallway.  He said no and loudly continued to tell the other student to "suck his dick." 

I then called the main office to locate the Dean so that he could be removed, Kevin's response was "Yeah, tell whoever they could suck my dick too.  Yeah, let them suspend me." 

Ms. Jane Doe came to my room and escorted Kevin out the room.  He continued yelling variations of "suck his dick" in the hallway, disrupting other classes. 

I locked my doors and calmed my class down.  A couple minutes later Kevin was knocking at the door, pointing at the student clearly heard saying "eat a dick." 


Mr. T said...

Good times!

Anonymous said...

I always thought guys who said that were hiding in the closet... Maybe it's in my head? O_o....

Alpha Za said...

What a retarded Kid, in this case I'm not blaming his parents. At some point kids have to be made responsible for the way they act. The earlier the better.

The thing that does make me sad is that if Kevin continues to fulfill his lack of potential, he'll soon see a whole new side of 'suck a dick' in Prison.

Yo Mista said...

More insight:
I have a great working relationship with the fellow teacher who posted this referral.

I spoke to him about this incident later in the day and he admitted he was quite pissed while it was all happening. He felt the learning process was completely disrupted. It's tough to get back into it when there's a reality TV show going on right outside your hallway.

Getting it all down on paper and then re-reading what happened however, made him laugh his ass off. I guess getting it down on paper helps us gain some perspective.

Alpha Za said...

Thought you might like this, one of my friends work in the public school system in an area similar to yours. He asked his 6th grade kids to make a bucket list.